St. Thomas More Fraternity-OFS

stf01039.jpgstm_sfo.jpgSaint Thomas More

Welcome to the St. Thomas More Fraternity. We are 1 of 4 Secular (Third Order) Franciscan fraternities in the Houston, TX metropolitan area. Our meetings are the 4th Sunday for all months except Nov, May, and June; which are the 3rd Sunday. Meeting times are from 2-4 PM at St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church. The meetings are held at MJFC Rooms 208A&B. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings: Due to Covid19, we have also provided Zoom meetings. Come and see if you have a vocation to the Order of Franciscans Secular!

Directions to MJFC Rooms 208 A & B. 

  1. Park in the parking lot off of Holcombe.
  2. There is a path between the church and the office.
  3. Follow the path, turn right and then left to the building across from the new chapel.
  4. MJFC Rooms 208 A&B is upstairs. There is an elevator and stairs.