St. Thomas More Fraternity-OFS

stf01039.jpgstm_sfo.jpgSaint Thomas More

Welcome to the St. Thomas More Fraternity. We are 1 of 4 Secular (Third Order) Franciscan fraternities in the Houston, TX metropolitan area. Our meetings are the 4th Sunday for all months except May, July, October and November, which are the 3rd Sunday. Meeting times are from 2-4 PM at St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church. The meetings are held at MJFC Rooms 208A&B. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings: Due to Covid19, we have also provided Zoom meetings. Come and see if you have a vocation to the Order of Franciscans Secular! For more information, please feel free to contact us

Directions to MJFC Rooms 208 A & B. 

  1. Park in the parking lot off of Holcombe.
  2. There is a path between the church and the office.
  3. Follow the path, turn right and then left to the building across from the new chapel.
  4. MJFC Rooms 208 A&B is upstairs. There is an elevator and stairs.