OFS Bulletin Ad

The first thing Secular Franciscans must remember when recruiting members to the Order, is that this recruitment must not be done only because we want to grow, but because we want to share our Franciscan vocation with other Catholics, and help them see if they have a calling from God to join the OFS.

Here is a sample bulletin ad you can use at your parish for Franciscan recruitment:

Are you an 18 or older Catholic, single or married, who feels a desire for living a life of simplicity? Have you ever felt a desire to join a fraternal society in the Church? Do you have a special love for nature, the Eucharist, Mary, and for helping out the poor? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, our Lord Jesus Christ might be calling you to live the Gospel in the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi, and to become a Secular Franciscan (Third Order Franciscan). The [State the name of your fraternity, the city and the state your fraternity is located], is always welcoming new members to their fraternity. To learn more about the Order of Franciscans Secular (OFS), and in particular about the [State the name of your fraternity], visit their web site: [State the web address of your fraternity] If you have any more questions about the OFS, you can contact [State the name of your fraternity’s minister and his/her email address] and [State your name and your email address].