Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo: “Our doctrines are a gateway”


Our doctrines are a gateway into the deepest and most important mysteries of truth and life, for the doctrine is a way to hasten to the very embrace of God, a God of mystery who has decided to communicate, to speak. God sent his Son and allowed His very life to come among us. Jesus Christ is not just another spokesperson for God. Jesus knows the Father “from the inside,” from the very life of His intimacy with the Father. When Jesus says “I will send you the Paraclete to remind you of all things” He is not speaking wishful or vague words. He is declaring Himself and giving Himself and promising that the truth of what He speaks is serious and endures. It abides with us, but we need to know this truth and the “truths” about life, death and meaning that his truth generously bestows. There has never been a first person singular pronoun like the “I” of Jesus Christ. It remains in the apostolic witness of the Church and needs always to be spoken anew in teaching. (“A Shepherd’s Message” by Archbishop Daniel N. DiNardo-May 11, 2007)


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